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CamGirl Documentary

Today we’ll be taking a look at a behind the scenes view into the world of a webcam girl.  We will get a little incite into their views and motives regarding voyeurism and it’s effect on society, as well as their views on the men that view them.

I personally think that this documentary was put together well, although it could’ve used a few more women for the subject matter.  It’s quite hard to be picky however, since there are very few docs on this material.


Blog Summary

This blog is going to be a collection of the most beautiful women that have taken up the role of amateur voyeurists and decided to put their bodies on the internet.  This blog will be a highlight reel of the ones that stood out most to me, and as a review for those that are looking to leap into the professional scene.  I will be adding various fetishes depending on the popularity of said fetish each week.  I hope you enjoy my blog and do not hesitate to comment or share! Thanks!

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